Phygital" solutions for enterprises

Combining blockchain and XR with physical products offers new
experiences that merge physical and digital elements

※ "Phygital" means the fusion of physical and digital experiences

Enables effortless generation of wallets and receipt of digital assets

Using patent-pending technology that automatically creates a wallet, users can easily receive NFTs without any prior setup, making it simple for those new to cryptocurrencies.


  • Physical Item × NFT
  • Embedding NFTs in cards, posters,
    T-shirts, and sneakers
  • Digital StampRally
  • Conducting a digital stamp rally utilizing NFTs.
  • Event / Live × NFT
  • Distributing NFTs as proof of
    participation to attendees of live events and other engagements.

Distribution of ONEDRIP allows for visualizing non-personal customer activities and offers benefits based on receipt status, enhancing promotion incentives and customer loyalty.

Leveraging web3 and blockchain expertise from 1BLOCK STUDIO,
ONEDRIP offers comprehensive support across sales strategies,
production, development, and marketing.